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1mm for the second age group (7 to 10 years), 30 ±2. Objective: To determine normal standard values at each age for head circumference; inner canthal distance; outer canthal distance; near interpupillary distance; distant [far] interpupillary distance; canthal index; and circumference-interorbital index specific for the age, sex, and race in 7- to 16-year-old idiopathic benign macrocephalic male and female children.


84 and 13.

38±0. Palpebral fissure length (Normal values 27–41w from Mehes et al. 84 and 13.


The mean inner canthal distance was 1. 089241 OCD 62. 3172 cm, respectively.

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by "Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences"; Health, general.


. by "Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences"; Health, general.

. Nov 8, 2022 · Primary telecanthus is defined as an increased distance between the inner canthi with a normal outer canthal distance and a normal interpupillary distance; secondary telecanthus, on the other hand, is characterized by an increase in all three parameters and is associated with ocular hypertelorism.

From: Hypertelorism.

There are direct and indirect methods available for this measurement.

Outer canthal distance (Normal values 27–41w from Merlob et al.

5157 0. Nov 17, 2020 · Occipito-frontal diameter (Normal values 12–41w from Hansmann 1985) 2. .

Thepalpebral fissure length (PFL)wasalso calcu-lated as follows: Oc-Ic PFL= 2 Thecanthal index (CI), defined as the ratio ofthe inner canthal distance to the outer canthal distance percent, was calculated as follows. 57 mm respectively; in young adults (age >14 to 25 years) were 31. . . 42 cm and 11.

Landmarks Measure from the most lateral corner of one eye to the most lateral corner of the other eye, in a straight line avoiding the curvature of the face (Fig.

36 cm, respectively, and outer canthal distance of 11. ophthalmology including Interpupillary distance (IPD), Inner canthal distance (ICD), Outer canthal distance (OCD) in a normal, healthy Pakistani.

Interpupillary distance: the distance between the centers of both pupils with the eyes looking.

8 ± 6.

The mean value of the innercanthal distance for males and females are 3.


52 and 3.