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These splendid words are going to help you to show the examiner that you can use vocabulary flexibly and precisely, which.

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By knowing a lot of prevalent words you will understand the reading texts better.

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to appall is to overcome with shock, or to dismay.

3 6. Task 2 can cover a wide range of essay topics for the IELTS writing task section of the test, so preparation is key. DOWNLOAD the PDF: Synonyms fo.

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As for paragraphing, it may not be the most important element in task 1 but if you are aiming for a high score you should pay attention to how you separate your. 2 18.

8 7. Impressive – remarkable, striking, significant.

These Band 9 words were all chosen from the Cambridge English Dictionary.
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Practice exercises to activate your vocabulary must consist of using the word various times after learning it.


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. . If you learn the word analyse and its meaning and are aware of the other word forms, then you may well understand the meaning of the word when you read it, whichever form it is in.

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expeditious) Antonym: retard ADVERSITY: Misfortune - calm in the face of adversity. Do you know how to achieve a Band 9 in Vocabulary for IELTS Writing? If not, watch this video as E2 IELTS Expert Mark explains how to use band 9 IELTS Vocabu.


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