Mangaka: HERO (Writer) / Daisuke Hagiwara (Artist) Genre: Comedy / Romance.


. Possibly one of the most famous historical manhwa in history, Saver follows Lena Ha, the captain of a kumdo team.

However, one of the most exciting trends in this genre is the increasing number of strong female leads that can be found in popular stories.

When she draws the ire of a powerful woman, her mother gets murdered by a sword-wielding assailant while Lena herself is thrown into a deep lake.

Year of creation: 2016. Aro is a powerful female character, a celestial witch, but due to the world she now lives in and how witches are perceived, she had to hide her real identity. Yeoju is a failed writer in Korea.


Until she happens to come across Luna, a talking cat who tells her that she is a Sailor Guardian. #10. She didn’t believe it, let alone a cat talking to her until she managed to transform into Sailor Moon and saved the day.

Summary- Our Female MC Su Luxia is bound by the female counterattack system and transmigrates from one world to another world. .

Yeoju is a failed writer in Korea.

With obvious feminine touches like a more sensitive nature (since women are more emotional than men), different problems due to being a woman.

Isekai manhwa now has more female leads than ever. .

All family members strong in their own ways. .

<<Change 1 2 3>> Is kinda funny with a woefully underpowered Male MC.

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. . - Male plot (on female ofcourse) where she gets all the babes (men) and treats them like the male MCs.

Here's a perfect rec for you: https://j-novel. 62 people. From Maid to Mother: sweet found/adopted family fantasy story. Advertisement. .

An average Japanese salaryman has been reborn into a world suffered by war and as a young girl.

. Still, the gods of transmigration like her so much that she gets transmigrated into a popular martial arts novel.

This girl is all about surviving and killing mobs.

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Top 10 Manhwa With Strong and Badass Female Lead Part 3.